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New MICE trends for 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic obviously had a major impact on the MICE market: as well as causing upheaval and a seismic shift, it also provided an excellent opportunity to question the status quo and evolve. As planning events, seminars and professional meetings is the core business of the industry, it has had to reinvent itself, adapting to this new post-COVID era. With hybrid experiences, sustainability, hyperpersonalisation, engagement and technologies, new trends and strategies are taking shape in 2023, marking a turning point for our sector. Here’s a round-up of the situation!

Back to in-person events

During lockdowns, digital emerged as THE solution to sustain events in a context of complicated social distancing. After the return to normal, physical events have gradually resurfaced. Hybrid events were then adopted, mixing virtual/remote and in-person experiences. 2023 will be all about face-to-face meetings and discussions!  In-person events are back in fashion. Now more than ever, participants want to meet up, share good times and create new relationships. However, hybrid events remain an excellent alternative to reduce travel and therefore the event’s carbon footprint. They also increase the visibility of your event, thanks to the increase in visitor capacity and sharing on social media.

An eco-responsible experience

Environmental conservation is increasingly at the heart of concerns for professionals. Limitations on travel and, consequently, business travel, as well as climate change, have raised awareness. Customers now focus on responsible activities, businesses and destinations. To adapt to these new concerns, an increasing number of MICE professionals are integrating a CSR approach into their events. In 2023, this is more topical than ever and will be even more so in the coming years; hence the need to implement this approach within your company (reduction of the carbon footprint, short supply chains, etc.) and offer a sustainable experience to your customers.


eco responsable

Quality and hyperpersonalisation

Offering your customers a custom experience is one thing. Knowing how to anticipate their expectations, understand them and meet them effectively is another. In 2023, the needs and desires of your participants have changed. Since the pandemic and the repeated closures of leisure sites, the demands of participants are increasingly specialised. And these requirements must be taken into consideration. Hyperpersonalisation thus depends on the quality of your events, consideration of expectations, listening, exchanges, surprises, and more! This may involve, for example, taking into account your participants’ diets (vegetarian, vegan, allergies, culinary preferences, etc.), giving personalised gifts, drawing up questionnaires and surveys before AND after your event to collect expectations and feedback, or organising seminars in a place or destination that is out of the ordinary. One rule: be creative!

le jardin méditerranéen, un espace privatisable et modulable pour vos événements professionnels

Unprecedented events thanks to new technologies 

What better way than new technologies to provide your participants with a unique event? Whatever type of physical event you want to organise, technology will enable you to make it even better and create unforgettable moments with your teams. Augmented reality and even metaverses in the near future (immersive 3D experiences): the possibilities are endless!


Participatory and committed events

This is a clear trend for MICE in 2023. Participants must not be relegated to the rank of mere spectators but be stakeholders in your events, i.e. participate, interact, debate, be listened to and more. Burnout, the environment, harassment, inclusion, etc., are all social topics likely to interest a wide audience and encourage exchanges, whether during a round table, a conference or a workshop during a seminar or team building event.

Dreams and emotions are on the cards!

More than ever, your participants need to be excited, escape, and share, but they also need lightness, friendliness and simplicity. You must therefore ensure that you offer your employees and teams memorable, fun, original and emotional experiences so they take home unforgettable memories. Karaoke, live photography (with instant printing), digital activities (drones, 360° video, connected objects, etc.), seminars in the heart of nature (under tipis, in the heart of a forest, etc.), unusual shows, sporting events, etc. It’s up to you!


Focus on engagement rate

Finally, the last trend to remember is engagement. To increase your profitability and best satisfy your participants, it is important to measure their engagement. This involves, for example, analysing their interactions, opinions and behaviour. The aim is to identify their expectations and interests, define different targets and estimate the participation rate at future events.




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