Monaco in Blue: CSR, team building and water sports activities

Monaco, a country powered by the sea: seaside activities for your CSR team building

If you want your teams and partners to relax while you build bonds between them, uphold your CSR commitments and reduce your events’ environmental impact, why not choose the blue skies and sea of Monaco? This is the blue of both energy and peacefulness, sprung from Monaco’s much-loved and carefully protected waters. It stands for environmentalism and commitment to ethics, two values dear to the Principality and Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer. Blue Monaco will delight everyone who takes part in your CSR team-building activities.

Blue stands for...


... serenity at the Monte-Carlo Beach, where the water sports centre offers carbon-neutral activities including paddle-boarding, kayaking and pedalo boating, for sporty but relaxing experiences. And if you want to take full advantage of the sea’s soothing vibes for almost zero effort, go for an electric pedalo, a real little "floating island" with distinct ability to boost wellbeing!


... a trip along the Mediterranean coast or would you prefer to experience the excitement of a regatta? These sailing races are accessible to all and offer just the right amount of adrenalin, as the skipper adapts to the group’s abilities and preferences. There's nothing like a trip out to sea for building teams and transforming them into quite the crew.



... an adventure out to see the big marine mammals at the Pelagos Sanctuary. This unsuspected plethora of marine wildlife lives just a stone's throw from the Principality. Accompanied by professionals from the Whale Watching Monaco non-profit organisation, your guests will enjoy an unforgettable and impactful experience that fully respects this exceptional environment.


... a trip to Monaco's Oceanographic Museum. This space dedicated to the wonders of the sea has stood a serene watch over the oceans for over one hundred years as it clings to the sides of the Principality's Rock. Explore the museum in a different way on a bespoke guided tour with a flexible itinerary and visiting times, and hear countless stories associated with this historic site.

Water in Monaco: preservation and innovation

This programme of nautically themed CSR activities reflects the overarching commitment of both the Principality and Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer. We both manage water and energy resources with a sense of restraint and responsibility, and to preserve our natural heritage and biodiversity.

The Principality's true blue gold - water - has always been the focus of its keenest attention. This starts with the ocean, to which Monaco has always been deeply committed. In 1982, the Principality was one of the very first signatories to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Monaco has turned the sea into a formidable source of energy, specifically thalassothermal energy, which involves harnessing the caloric energy of the seabed to heat or cool buildings. Again, the Principality was one of the first countries to develop this type of energy, installing its very first seawater heat pump back in 1963. Today, the city-state boasts more than 80 units organised into around twenty thalassothermal circuits. Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer - one of Monaco's forerunners in this field - has installed seawater heat pumps in each of its establishments.

Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer’s commitments include the complete renovation of the Monte-Carlo Beach to restore some of the old-fashioned charm of the glorious 1930s. The works also saw the creation of an underwater reef, which is providing a home for biodiversity and is designed to protect the beach, preserve natural heritage and encourage the development of marine wildlife.

Larvotto beach has been cleaned up, and a fourth sustainable development charter has been implemented, one of the objectives of which is to protect drinking water resources. Since 2006, Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer has reduced its water consumption by almost 40%!

Another of the Principality’s water-saving initiatives is the installation of an "ecological shower" on Larvotto beach, a closed-circuit system with an integrated water purification system. This is a first and a real revolution when you consider that one beach shower consumes almost a million litres of drinking water over a summer season!

Did you know ?


Monaco is home to some unusual CSR initiatives such as the "Adopt a Coral" operation set up by Ikebana, an environmentally-friendly events agency based in the country. The idea is to offer CSR activity participants a wristband with GPS coordinates and a QR code which takes them to an interface with a partner charity. This charity then notifies the participants when their coral has been adopted. What an original way of supporting protection for ecosystems!


At the Monaco Oceanographic Museum, you can adopt a small-spotted catshark, a clownfish or a seahorse. By doing so, not only will you get unlimited access to the museum for a year, but you will also be helping to fund the "Oceano pour tous" programme and doing your bit to protect the ocean.

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