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New MICE trends for 2024

As it does every year, the MICE market is evolving and changing, offering new solutions in line with the times and the issues at stake.

Following a major upheaval in 2020, the MICE sector has been hard hit and has had to reinvent itself, adapting to this new post-health crisis era. Between the hybrid experience, eco-responsibility, hyper-personalisation, commitment and technology, new trends and strategies are emerging for our sector in 2024. We've come full circle!

The importance of face-to-face meetings

During the lockdown periods, digital emerged as THE solution for keeping events alive in a context of complicated social distancing. Once the situation had returned to normal, the physical events gradually resurfaced. A mix of virtual/teleworking and face-to-face work was adopted. Since then, it's been all about meetings and real-life exchanges!  Face-to-face meetings are back in vogue. More than ever, participants are keen to get together, share convivial moments and forge new links. According to the American Express Global Business Travel (AMEX GBT) survey, respondents said that more than three quarters of their meetings and events next year would be either entirely face-to-face (59%) or in a hybrid format (20%), with the remaining 21% being virtual.

However, the hybrid approach remains an excellent alternative for reducing travel, and therefore your carbon footprint, as well as increasing the visibility of your event tenfold, thanks to the increased capacity of your venue and the sharing of information on social networks.

An eco-responsible experience

Increasingly, environmental protection is a key concern for professionals. Limiting travel, and therefore business travel, and global warming have raised awareness. Customers are now focusing on responsible activities, businesses and destinations. So, in order to adapt to these new concerns, more and more MICE professionals are incorporating a CSR approach into their events. In 2024, this is more topical than ever, and will be even more so in the years to come; hence the need to implement this approach within your company (reduction of carbon footprint, short circuits, etc.) and offer an eco-responsible experience to your customers.

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Quality and hyperpersonalisation

Offering your customers a tailor-made experience is one thing. Knowing how to anticipate their expectations, understand them and respond effectively is another. In 2024, the needs and desires of your participants have evolved and their requirements are becoming increasingly sophisticated. It is therefore essential to take these requirements into account. The key to hyper-personalisation lies in the quality of your events, consideration, listening, exchange... and surprise! This may involve, for example, taking into account the dietary requirements of your participants (vegetarian, vegan, special allergies, culinary preferences, etc.), distributing personalised gifts, drawing up questionnaires and surveys before AND after your event to gather expectations and feedback, or organising seminars in an unusual location or destination. Just one rule: be creative!

le jardin méditerranéen, un espace privatisable et modulable pour vos événements professionnels

Something new with the new technologies

What could be better than the new technologies to help your participants experience a unique event?

Whatever type of physical event you want to organise, new technologies will help you to make the most of it and create unforgettable moments with your teams. The rise of artificial intelligence is paving the way for unparalleled personalisation of communications with participants. Virtual reality is becoming more commonplace and more accessible. In this sense, by 2024, mobile applications should be widely used in professional meetings and events, offering innovative functionalities to further enrich the interaction and engagement of participants.


Participatory and committed events

This is a clear trend for MICE in 2024. They should not be relegated to the status of mere spectators, but should be involved in your events, i.e. participate, interact, debate, be listened to, etc. Burn-out, ecology, harassment, inclusion, etc. are all social issues likely to interest a lot of people and encourage discussion, whether at a round table, a conference or a workshop during a seminar or team building event.

Make way for dreams and emotions!

More than ever, your participants are looking for excitement, escape and sharing... but also for lightness, conviviality and simplicity. You need to offer your staff and teams experiences that are memorable, fun, original and rich in emotion, so that they leave with unforgettable memories. Karaoke, live photography (with instant printing), digital entertainment (drones, 360° video, connected objects, etc.), seminars in the heart of nature (under teepees, in the heart of a forest, wellness infrastructure, etc.), unusual shows, sporting events... It's up to you!


Focus on engagement rate

Finally, the last trend not to be forgotten: commitment. To increase your profitability and satisfy your participants as much as possible, it is important to measure their commitment. This involves, for example, analysing their interactions and opinions, as well as their behaviour. What’s the objective? To identify their expectations and areas of interest, define different targets and estimate the rate of participation in future events.




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