Tip: Add a touch of enchantment to your gala dinners!


Do you want to organize a gala dinner that will delight your guests?


From the choice of theme to the choice of entertainment, some steps are vital for a successful out-of-the-ordinary event. We are giving you the keys to make your party a unique and sensational event. Dare to be original!

1. Know who you are inviting


The first step when planning any gala is having a clear idea of who your guests are: clients or employees of the company? The type of people invited definitely has an impact on the choice of theme and entertainment, as well as the number of participants. Your guest list, therefore, generates a whole host of planning choices.     

Monte-Carlo bay Hotel & Resort - lagon évènement

2. A tailor-made theme


The choice of theme is vital when it comes to pleasing your guests and blowing them away. To do so, you need to think about the aim of the evening (fundraising, giving thanks, etc.) and the type of guests. Do you want a traditionalfashionable or unusual gala? There is no shortage of inspiration: casino royal, Oscar parties, white party, Moulin Rouge, time travel, foreign countries, secret garden and much, much more.


3. A fabulous setting


Indoors or outdoors, the gala venue should be in keeping with the theme. When researching a venue, remember to think about the budget, season, location and accessibility. On the seafront, in a historical monumenta museum, a casino or on a boat… the possibilities are endless to make your gala an unforgettable experience.

Hôtel de Paris - Evenement Spécial - 100ème Anniversaire de Bentley - 2019
100 ans Bentley Monaco

4. Enhance the decor


Whether subtle or extravagant, flowers are essential for decorating a function roomThe decor can be tailor-made for a unique galaArches, centerpieces, waterfalls from the ceiling, oversized pots and a whole host of other creative arrangements will make the event even more beautiful. Likewise, choose the tablecloths and crockery carefully for a sophisticated finish that is in keeping with your theme.        

5. Delight your guests’ taste buds


To win your guests’ unanimous approval, rely on local, ideally fresh, products prepared traditionally, creatively or with a twistVegetarian dishes will be appreciated, as will healthy options. When it comes to refreshments, champagne is unbeatable and adds to the elegance of your gala. Flavored waters and cold-pressed juices provide excellent alternatives to alcoholic drinks! And you must have a signature cocktail named after your event that is in keeping with the color scheme or theme.    

6. A lively gala 


Guests only expect one thing from your event: To be amazed. Make a big impression by organizing entertainment. Stands offering tastings, virtual reality or photos will be sure to please. If you want to offer a dynamic evening, there is nothing better than encouraging guest interaction. Challenges between tables (for example, ‘guess that sound’ games and quizzes) where participants have to pool their talents and be team players and a show may be on the agenda. Make sure to give your guests gala-themed gifts to take home with them.  


7. Customized invitations


Don’t forget about the invitations. Whatever they look like a simple card, video, gift, etc. They should provide a taste of what is to come. Adapt the tone of your text to your guests and theme. It is vital to include useful information and the dress code, if there is one, on the invitations. A reply card attached to the invitations, if they are printed, will be a welcome addition. And why not announce the event in advance with a creative Save the date? Send your guests an item that references your theme or location, without giving it away: A clue to pique their curiosity.

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