Casino de Monte-Carlo - Salle Blanche

Le Bar Salle Blanche

Open every day
From 2pm to 2am

A exclusive bar for passionate

    Only accessible to the holders of  My Monte-Carlo Gold, Platinum and Privé card.


    With its mosaic bar, chandeliers and gaming tables, the Salle Blanche Bar is iconic, the very embodiment of luxury, glamour and exclusivity. It offers a unique experience at the casino, in a sumptuous decor with influences of land and sea.


    Relax with a drink in a sumptuous setting... A work of art in its own right, the bar winds its way through the middle of the Salle Blanche. With its glistening hand-crafted mosaic, it is an imposing presence between the interior and exterior, the perfect place to stop for a drink between games.


    For an exclusive experience... With its gaming tables on the terrace overlooking the Mediterranean and the warm glow of its chandeliers inside and out, the Salle Blanche Bar offers My Monte-Carlo Gold, Platinum and Private Monte-Carlo card holders a truly exceptional experience, an opportunity to try their luck at the gaming tables or simply savour an exclusive setting at the heart of the Casino de Monte-Carlo.


    A bar with a rich history... The Salle Blanche Bar room was once a literary salon, and the principal protagonists can be seen in the Belle Époque decor. It’s easy to imagine Otero revelling in the passion of the game! The painting of the Florentine Graces, the gilded clock, the winged angel sculptures, the gaming tables, and of course, in the middle, the finest bar in the Principality.