Spring in Monaco: vibrant colours, warm sunshine and team building

Spring’s flamboyant colours come to Monaco

Longer days, milder temperatures, trees and flowers bursting into bloom, radiant sunshine and beautiful shades of blue in every direction: this is what spring means in Monaco! You are guaranteed a vibrant experience, and your teams and partners will love taking part in activities, dinners and meetings on terraces or by the sea. Now’s the time to say "yes" to springtime flavours and the joys of the Mediterranean art of living!

Sunny Monaco

It's true that the sun is quite at home in Monaco. In fact, it never really goes away and only gets more generous as soon as spring arrives. Deckchairs are soon out in force on the beaches and around the swimming pools. The streets and squares come to life and Monaco’s gardens and terraces burst into bloom, providing the perfect backdrop for all your business events.

The Jardins du Casino - between the Boulingrins and "Petite Afrique" gardens - offer a peaceful oasis of greenery right in the heart of the city. The Mediterranean gardens at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort are an example of CSR design and an ode to biodiversity entirely conceived and created by landscape architect Jean Mus. They require little water and are maintained without pesticides.

As for the beaches, be sure not to miss the Monte-Carlo Beach one, which has been restored to its former splendour thanks in particular to a newly created underwater reef that provides home for biodiversity, protecting and encouraging sea creatures’ development. 

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Monaco residents enjoy 300 sunny days a year

Accessible Monaco

Its accessibility makes Monaco an ideal destination for hosting your delegates and partners. It is particularly well connected by train, which remains the best way to get to the Principality. According to the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), when we travel 1000 km by high-speed train, we produce up to 100 times less carbon dioxide than we would by plane.

But for longer journeys, flying is still the ideal solution. Because of its central position in Europe, Monaco is easily accessible by air. Nice-Côte d'Azur International Airport - which is working on its sustainability through a number of CSR initiatives - has increased its number of direct flights to 111 destinations. This means most of your customers won't have to make stopovers, which are bad for the environment.

From Paris Charles-de-Gaulle, Nice has connections to more than 225 cities around the world, including all the world's capitals.

Other options for easy access to the Principality include the 100% electric and notably comfortable 80 Express bus line, which runs all year round, seven days a week, from Nice to Monaco, for direct motorway journeys in just thirty minutes. Hybrid and electric local buses and electric taxis are also available for smooth transfers. Getting to the Principality by train is hardly a more time-consuming option thanks to the direct link between Nice Saint-Augustin station and Monaco-Monte-Carlo station.

Once you’re in the Principality, you can get around completely carbon-free - on your own two feet! Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, covering just 2 sq.km. It's easy to get around on foot from our hotels right in the heart of the city. What’s more, Monaco has 80 public lifts, 37 escalators and eight travelators to make it even easier for you to get from A to B.

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Nice-Côte d'Azur International Airport is France's second largest international airport after Paris-Orly and Charles-de-Gaulle. It’s already carbon neutral thanks to a proactive and responsible CSR initiative. Its next objective is to emit zero grammes of CO2 by 2030.

Gourmet Monaco

Nature is always generous in spring. The restaurants at the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer are full of surprises, and your staff lunches and dinners will be filled with the freshest ingredients.

In Monaco’s dining scene, both surf and turf reveal all their local and seasonal treasures made even more delicious thanks to the creativity of some inventive and passionate chefs. And for those who wish, there are red meat-free menus rich in fresh vegetables sourced from local producers.

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  • Chef Alain Ducasse offers a 100% vegetable-based menu free from all animal products in his restaurant Le Louis XV Alain Ducasse, at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo. What better way to showcase the produce of the local terroir? And one more thing - he started this back in 1987 when the young chef was just 27 years old! It was a visionary move at the time, and an ode to natural goodness that has met with huge success.


  • From baking to pastry-making, chocolate and ice cream, Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer has brought all its expert skills under one roof since 2019, beneath the boutiques of One Monte-Carlo. This way, we can guarantee skills are passed on and ingredients are traceable and high-quality.

A breath of fresh air for ethical team building

Monaco in springtime is also an exceptional location for friendly open-air team-building events by the sea. Our partners work hard to come up with a whole host of tailor-made, fun and inventive group activities that will improve teams’ cohesiveness while raising awareness of environmental issues. For example,

  • the Eco-Défi is something of an "ecological Olympics" which offers an environmentally-oriented team building via a series of eco-friendly activities. It's a unique opportunity to get to grips with so-called "small" everyday gestures that can make all the difference.
  • Another eco-minded and creative team building activity is Chain Action, which invites your teams to take part in an ethical initiative. The aim is to start a "chain reaction" using recycled materials. This collaborative challenge builds cooperation among staff and makes teamwork meaningful.
  • Combine team spirit and the joy of being by the sea during a CSR-focused ocean team building activity, for a fun-filled outing at sea on a paddleboard, in a kayak, pedalo or on a boat. This is the perfect way to take in the exceptional environment that is the Bay of Monaco.

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